HD Video Brand Awareness

Need a creative idea to stop doctors in their tracks? We’ve got the answer. HD Video Detail Cards allow you to deliver handheld video clips that play when a doctor opens your card. With this state-of-the-art technology, you can achieve 90% positive brand and sponsor recall.

This eye-popping piece is a 4-panel card that contains a video screen. Viewers cannot help but be impressed with this engagement tool. Crystal clear audio and video are guaranteed as this device contains the same screen you find on most mobile devices.

A great way to repurpose and amortize any content you might already have and present it to your audience in a really cool way.

Through multiple channels this tactic can allow you to affordably extend the reach of Key Opinion Leader (KOL) Speaker engagements, Clinical Information, Disease State Information and more.



Available in 2, 4, or 6-panel style

4 Color Glossy Card and Customizable Box

Plus B&W PI

Up to 15 Minutes of Content

4 inch and 7 inch HD Screens Available

Buttons Available for Multiple Videos


Fax Back Qualitative Survey

10-18% Response Rates

Up to 90% Positive Recall Sponsor & Brand 


Direct Mailed

Rep Delivered

Conference Handout

Meeting Invitation