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In the hustle and bustle of the modern day information age, marketing sure has changed a lot.  Few fields and industries have noticed this change as much as the medical industry has, with the medical field constantly getting first mover advantage on the newest technological improvements.  More often than not, this has been a huge improvement in the medical field, but as for marketing to physicians, it has made it tricky to keep their attention with a constantly changing space.  In a lot of ways, old methods of promotion seem less sturdy, and new methods look more appealing.  To some degree they are, but tried and true methods of mixed media Non-Personal Promotion (NPP) such as Journal Cover Wraps, Video Detail cards or Omni-Channel Marketing Campaigns are very, very valuable in today’s technological world.

Why Printed Material is Still a Top Marketing Strategy

There are a few reasons why using printed media to reach physicians in healthcare practices, healthcare facilities, hospitals, or family clinics is still more of a value-add component than using digital media (though it is our opinion that you should use both).  Here are some reasons why printed items still pack a punch in their marketing efficacy:

  1. Printed media gets more engagement, plain and simple.  Maybe it’s because people are absolutely overwhelmed with online advertising to the point where the lone brochure or pamphlet seems unique and interesting to them.  Or maybe it’s because there is something more inviting about an actual, physical object you can pick up and hold in your hands.  It is tactile, and that right there gives it some precedence over digital items.
  2. Printed media carries with it a reputation that digital media can’t quite garner.  People aren’t fools.  Anyone can send out digital promo literally with the click of a button.  That doesn’t mean the product or service is going to be up to par.  It takes a lot more work to set up printed material and distribute it though, and it is more indicative of a company or brand that is dedicated to their product or service.  Also, since printed media has been around for longer, companies that still use it are instantly thought to be companies that have themselves been around for a while, and therefore have more authority voice in their market niches.
  3. There is a novelty and a nostalgia that goes along with printed advertising.  It will get a higher engagement rate, because it will strike a more emotional chord in people.  For example, let’s look at the fact that people still buy books, even though reading books on an e-reader is cheaper and more convenient.  Why?  There is simply something special about a real, printed page, and that will draw and attract more customers per person contacted than digital advertising will.

The Importance of Marketing

Of course, the wisest advice anyone can give in marketing is be targeted with an eye on ROI.  In the pharma industry and field, there is a lot of competition, and convincing physicians to receive your message as opposed to a competitor’s can be tricky.  In pharma, the rule of omnipresence rings true, which is the concept of being so well known and so instantly recognizable in a particular space that everyone thinks of you when they think of that arena. For help and assistance in marketing to physicians, contact iPath Media today.

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