OmniChannel Campaigns

If your strategy is to affordably extend your reach and frequency to “no-see” and/or “whitespace” healthcare professionals, then look no further.

The OmniChannel Campaign solution is the perfect choice for those customers who want a highly managed program of print and digital tactics targeted to their audience.

At the center of the solution is i-Path’s proprietary franchise eSTAT. Designed as a digital and print branded platform, eSTAT serves as a source of News, Clinical Information, Clinical Insights that is trusted by thousands of healthcare professionals.

Combined into a flight plan with your choice of Journal Cover Wraps, Polybag Outserts, Mobile Alerts and more, this customized solution is a great way to stay in front of your audience and enhance your non-personal promotion efforts.

  • Coordinates non-personal promotions in multi-channel,
    multi-wave campaigns
  • Turn-key approach that increases capacity of marketing teams
  • Augments personal selling activities
  • Extends reach into vacant territories and/or low-see offices
  • Provides customizable messaging
  • Targets customers by specialty, geography, affiliations
  • Integrates brand messaging with access/affordability,
    disease education and/or adherence
  • Allows customers to engage with your information
    at a time that is convenient for them