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NPP is a marketing solution used within the pharmaceutical industry. The solution aims to reach Healthcare Professionals that have placed limitations or completely banned representatives from contact and/or solicitation.

In these scenarios, HCPs’ are left to research and access medical information on their own terms. Great marketing content delivered via an NPP campaign does not eliminate the need for pharma sales reps, yet, it has introduced a cost-effective promotional method to augment their efforts.

The following is how NPP is used and how it’s creating a positive relationship between Big Pharma and Healthcare Professionals.

NPP: Basics & Implementation

Non-personal promotions are used in a variety of settings:

  • Whitespace
  • No-See Doc’s
  • Pulse campaigns with Rep involvement
  • Formulary and Access messaging

Non-Personal Promotion tactics present targeted opportunities and frameworks.

The access to information via print and digital at the physician’s pace, ultimately allows HCP’s to provide an increase in patient satisfaction.

The main components of a successful NPP implementation include:

  1. Outreach
  2. Engagement
  3. Fulfillment
  4. Adjustment


Pharma outreach has a classic foundation in person-to-person interactions. These interactions take broad strokes at fulfilling the needs of Healthcare Providers. Non-Personal Promotion allows targeted campaigns on channels used by physicians.

Channels include:

  • Print
  • Email
  • Social media
  • Display advertising
  • Video

These channels have built-in features for tracking and segmentation. They offer data-driven, suggested changes to tailor campaigns specific to the HCP. The channels also offer a way to provide real-time results.

Print advertising and marketing materials effectively paired with Digital tactics can create a real-world marketing environment.


A study conducted and published in ‘The New Rules of HCP Engagement’, a Medical Marketing and Media whitepaper, concluded that “HCPs were twice as likely to watch a video today than they were 5 years ago”. Using smartphones and tablets has increased 133% within this timeframe.

Pharma reps accomplish engagement through the use of on-demand information. Video, quizzes, emails, and learning programs are among the effective engagement methods. These are used due to their interactivity.


Marketing platforms have many “touch” moments to engage and convert:

  1. A Journal Cover Wrap ad targeted to the physician’s practice
  2. Content paired with a whitepaper download upon email newsletter sign-up
  3. Refinement through quiz and survey participation
  4. Invitation to mobile app
  5. A visit by a pharma representative

Information fulfillment is a branding and trust-building opportunity. Information passes from Rep to HCP and HCP to patients for educational purposes. This exchange of information is coupled with advanced AI systems to guide physicians and help them make better assessments of their patients.


The ‘baseline’ in determining ROI begins with existing Sales Rep efforts. Actions of the ‘test’ (Non-Personal campaign) provide comparable data for analyzation. The opportunities appear in the key metric differences.

KPI assessment contributes to ROI through:

  • Refined segmentation
  • Content relevancy
  • Profiling & Personalization

The adjustment strips underperforming actions and reinforces tactics beneficial to the parties.

Turning “No” to “Yes”

Non-Personal Promotion is but one factor that is changing the Pharma & Healthcare industries.

A Non-Personal Promotion campaign is the next logical step to deliver value to Healthcare Professionals. The Non-Personal Promotional methods turn a “no” into a “yes”. Would you agree?

Contact us today to find out how we can assist your promotion tactics with targeted medical marketing and media.

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