Journal Cover Wraps

Our flagship product, the i-Path Journal Cover Wrap. With its value-added print and digital components makes it the ultimate tactic for use in multi-channel marketing.

Our Journal Cover Wrap is a 4-8 page premium-placed advertisement included with a medical journal your targeted physicians are already receiving – a true targeted media tactic.

Your target physician receives a copy of a leading medical journal relevant to his or her field, with your message permanently bound to the outside of the journal.

Results will be measured utilizing our exclusive partnership with IQVIA, which allows us the ability to provide unbiased quantitative analysis for your Journal Cover Wrap program along with our proprietary qualitative survey.

The i-Path Journal Cover Wrap Program fits nicely into a brand managers overall tactical plan. The Journal Wraps are so cost-effective on a per engagement basis, ROI can reach 200% or more!


• Offered in 3 comprehensive programs

• Up to 8 pages of 4 color creative

• Includes B&W PI/ Brief Summary

• Cover Permanently perfect Bound to the spine of the journal(s)

• Exclusive Geo-Targeting available


• Quantitative Analysis Included

• Fax Back Qualitative Survey

• Proven 200% ROI

• 8% to 14% Response Rate

• 88% Positive Recall Sponsor & Brand


Targeted Marketing Designed to Cut Through Desk Clutter