Journal Cover Wraps

Our flagship product, the i-Path Journal Cover Wrap. With its value-added print and digital components makes it the ultimate tactic for use in multi-channel marketing.

Our Journal Cover Wrap is a 4-8 page premium-placed advertisement included with a medical journal your targeted physicians are already receiving – a true targeted media tactic.

Your target physician receives a copy of a leading medical journal relevant to his or her field, with your message permanently bound to the outside of the journal.

Results will be measured utilizing our exclusive partnership with Quintiles/IMS, which allows us the ability to provide unbiased quantitative analysis for your Journal Cover Wrap program along with our proprietary qualitative survey.

The i-Path Journal Cover Wrap Program fits nicely into a brand managers overall tactical plan. The Journal Wraps are so cost-effective on a per engagement basis, ROI can reach 200% or more!


• Offered in 3 comprehensive programs

• 4-8 Page 4-color wrap

• Plus B&W PI

• Cover Permanent Bound

• Exclusive Geo-Targeting available


• Quantitative Analysis Included

• Fax Back Qualitative Survey

• Proven 200% ROI

• 12-18% Response Rates

• 88% Positive Recall Sponsor & Brand


Targeted Marketing Designed to Cut Through Desk Clutter