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Pharma marketing lives in an ever-changing world. As always, it’s essential for pharmaceutical companies to stay up-to-date to be relevant.

Non-Personal Promotion is the solution for many organizations who utilize its outlets to steadily maintain and create new relationships with Healthcare Professionals. NPP or Non-Personal Promotion means instead of marketing the usual route (person to person), new ways like email and other digital marketing channels are combined with print as effective, measurable ways to stay in front of the Healthcare Professional.

Reaching physicians and medical groups through NPP isn’t as difficult as it sounds, and we’ll show you how below. First, let’s look at the history of NPP and more at why it’s so important (including how it will benefit your company).

Non-Personal Promotion, Not Impersonal Promotion

Don’t let its title fool you. NPP is anything but impersonal. In fact, the best and most successful non-personal promotion campaigns are the ones that speak directly to a target audience.

Take an email, for example. This type of promotion can easily target an individual physician or specific type of audience. It’s direct and personalized, and instead of a memory of a conversation, physicians have an email to refer back to.

Where Did NPP Come From?

Per a study by ZS Associates, “Medical Representative’s access to important prescribers are declining steadily over the last 6 to 7 years.” The non-personal promotion method of marketing arose from this growing need to meet two major concerns:

  • Doctors are busy and have little time to meet, creating a Rep access issue, and
  • The way people are consuming their information is evolving.

For too many reasons, many physicians work 40-80 hours in a week, going for much of that time without true rest or sleep. Getting the time to sit down with a medical representative is very tough.

NPP tactics such as direct mail, emails, digital newsletters, banner ads help to eliminate this problem. Physicians have something they can come back to later when they have more free time to consume information.

As print, digital design, content, and outlets evolve, so should your promotions.

Benefits of NPP

NPP in pharma marketing offers a lot of unique benefits. Namely:

1. Healthcare Providers that can’t find the time for visits from medical representatives will probably be more receptive.

Well-designed NPP Campaigns can easily fill this void.

2. The process of communicating back and forth with doctors, answering questions and exchanging information, can be avoided with interactive content from Print & Digital channels.

Should Your Company Invest in NPP?

Yes. The short answer is, absolutely.

As mentioned earlier, in order to stay relevant and successful, companies must keep up with changes in technology and communication.

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