Targeted Marketing Designed to Cut Through Desk Clutter

Considered cutting edge, the Button Detail Card uses sound chip technology to help deliver your key message to your target audience.

A tactic that garners 92% interaction with its recipients, these cards are a great way to heighten awareness of your brand, patient profiling or disease state information.

You can utilize Button Detail Cards in a series to deliver clinical impressions and insights to your target audience over time. Accompanied by our proprietary qualitative survey, this tool consistently delivers high response rates from its recipients.

This attention-grabbing format works effectively as a Representative access tool or in any non-personal promotion application.



4 Panel, 4-Color, Glossy Card with Envelope

Standard 6" x 9” Size - All Sizes Available

Plus Die Cut Pocket for B&W PI


Fax Back Qualitative Survey

18-31% Response Rates

Up to 92% Positive Recall Sponsor & Brand


Direct Mailed

Rep Delivered

Conference Handout

Meeting Invitation